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Sweetie Pie’s objective is to do a few things very well. Primarily, to serve the best Steak Dinner available at an affordable price. Restaurants that try to be all things to all people, seldom do anything exceptionally well.

“Sweetie Pie” is the name Babe would like to name her pet bull(if she ever gets one).

Sweetie Pie’s building was constructed in approximately 1884 and 1885. It burned some time between 1925 and 1950, reducing it from a 2-story rock building to a 1-story building with stucco. The stone walls are between 18” and 22” thick. We have remodeled to keep the inherent charm of the original structure.

We reopened the transom lights which had been covered for many years. The roof shingles over the restrooms came from the Buckner Children’s Home in Dallas.

The wood you see inside the restaurant is Red Cedar, brought in from Johnson City, in the Texas Hill country. Cedar is known for its resistance to moisture, decay and insect damage. Cedar also has a unique cell structure that traps tiny pockets of air that act as natural insulation.

The depression and cavities in the wood columns used as supports are completely natural and become exposed when the bark is removed.

The “old-style” ribeye we serve starts with the finest USDA Choice rib roll. We cut to a precise thickness best for grilling over a searing hot griddle(550 degrees Fahrenheit), thereby carmelizing and sealing in juices and flavor.

Our “rosin” baked potatoes are hot and fluffy. Potatoes are lowered into a vat of boiling pine tree rosin where they are baked and wrapped in brown paper for serving. The homemade yeast rolls are from a Southern home recipe. We love ‘em because they remind us of Grandma’s bread and rolls made from the family’s yeast starter. Our hamburger buns and croutons are from the same recipe.

Our hot bacon dressing is our version of a dressing served at Mader’s Restaurant in downtown Milwaukee.

Our Babe’s honey is Texas Brush Honey made from bees visiting Catclaw, Mesquite, White Brush, Huajillo and Persimmon. This should be good for local folk’s allergies.

The Vinyard family also own Bubba’s in Dallas, on Hillcrest near SMU, and Babe’s Restaurants in Roanoke, Garland, Sanger, Carrollton, Burleson, Granbury, and Frisco.

Bubba’s was the first restaurant(opened in 1981). The Babe’s restaurants followed beginning in 1993. For more information on Babe's and Bubba's, click here